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Sector Number Slow
This assembler can help build image from sectors. When each sector in dump have each own number. And this sectors is located randomly in dump

It works realy slow. Can save SSD image several days

MBR will always be missing. Need use scan software

Do not cancel save process
Need wait while it finish
Because data is writed at random places of image (not sequentially)


Limit (GB)
Save part of image. Size is set in GB
Used for test purposes, because it reduce save image time


Find Sector
Search for sector with selected address in dump

Save each dump
Save image for each dump at last step of mix editor

Save Image

First make ECC Fix

Save Image with ECC = Check

Some sectors with wrong or system data have red ECC
It will help filter this sectors
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20.04.2018 Sector Number Slow
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