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Is a knowledge about dump structure

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Auto find layout based on ECC match
Test place is selected position at map
To change position click on map (not scroll only)
There should be full of data sectors
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SM2246XT   89 84 64 3c   2x4   v2 IS903   45 3a 94 93   2x1 MK670H   98 3c 95 93   2x4 82-00515-5   45 3c a9 a2   1x2 UT163-T6   ec d5 55 25   2x2 AU6384   ec da 80 15   1x1 AU6983   2c d5 94 3e   4x1 AU6980   ec d3 55 25   1x1 AU6980   ad dc 80 95   1x2 AU6980 B4   ad dc 80 95   1x1
21.07.2020 RR manual updated
10.07.2020 Power adapter in stock
05.05.2020 RR even and odd blocks
10.03.2020 RR for ad 3a 18 03
01.12.2019 Power Adapter v3
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