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Is a knowledge about dump structure

Name filter

Auto find layout based on ECC match
Test place is selected position at map
To change position click on map (not scroll only)
There should be full of data sectors

Video - auto find layout
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PS3006-T   2c d7 94 3e   4x2 JMF670H   2c 84 64 54   8x2 IS917   89 84 64 3c   1x1 SM3257 Q AA   ad d5 94 da   1x1 EN2683B BA   ec de d5 7a   1x4 SD_51   2c a4 64 32   2x1 Monolith USB_29   45 d7 98 92   1x1 Monolith USB_41   ec d7 98 ca   1x2 PS2136CD-G   2c d3 94 a5   2x1 IS917   89 84 64 3c   2x1   v2
18.10.2017 Power adapter
07.10.2016 Conatiner v9
07.09.2016 VT / Auto - new mode
27.07.2016 CR2 files support
10.04.2016 Processor Cores
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