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Monolith USB_129   45 3e 98 b3   1x1

  SM3259_41 1140_31 Xor 17fe_256 bb
    Order  0
  Software Bad Bytes
    Block  1536
    Group  1
  Block Cut
    Block  0x1200000/0x600000
  Block Number
    Block Size   0x1200000
    Banks        00..06 / 0x000 / 0x0ff
  Arvika for forum 12747
  ID: 45 3e 98 b3 76 6b
  SBB: Auto ff + manual correction
  Split by Block 2, 0x1ADC000 
  Create folders Split_0, Split_1
  Each dump rename to 01_01.dump 
  And put in folders Split_0, Split_1 with FE/Chip.txt
  For each folder use this model
  Save Disk0.image and Disk1.image
  Join by Dump Disk0.image and Disk1.image to Final.image
  MBR/FAT missing, need rebuild
  Checkdirs ok
  IE->FAT32->Scan or use any favourite software
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23.09.2022 The End
11.11.2021 Legs for NR
16.08.2021 Sector Number Slow
15.07.2021 New drivers
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