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Monolith USB_124   98 3a a8 92   1x4

  PS2251 1138_1134 Xor 0561_86
    Order  0/1/2/3
  Software Bad Bytes
    Block  258
    Group  4
  Block Pair
    Block  0x204000
    Page   0x2000
  Join by Page
    Parts  2
    Page   0x4000
  Join by Dump
    Parts  2
  Cross Bank
    Block  0x810000
    Bank   0x800
  Block Number
    Block Size   0x810000
    Bank Space   0x800
    Banks        0..3 / 0x000 / 0x744
 by Bolo
 Modified USB_56 model. 
 Need to find Software Bad bytes and cut it manually
 –†ardware BB not works.
 Read at 3.45V for correct image
 Perfect Recovery !

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