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Monolith USB_106   45 3c 98 b3   1x2   Ref

  SM3259_41 1140_31 Xor 17fe_256 bb
    Order  0/1
  Software Bad Bytes
    Block  128
    Group  1
  Block Cut
    Block  0x900000/0x300000
  Block Number
    Block Size   0x900000
    Find Bank Size
  Serg for forum 12391
  Split by Block 2, 0xD6E000 for each dump 
  Put in folders:
  01_01 -> Split_0, Split_1
  01_02 -> Split_2, Split_3
  In each folder rename dump to 01_01.dump
  Copy FE folder
  Put Job_N.txt (attached)
  ECC Fix
  ECC Off
  Save Image
  Join by Page 2, 0x4000 - Split_0, Split_1 -> 01.image
  Join by Page 2, 0x4000 - Split_2, Split_3 -> 23.image
  Join by Dump  01.image, 23.image -> FINAL.image
  Can do with windows console:
  copy /b 01.image + 23.image FINAL.image
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11.11.2021 Legs for NR
16.08.2021 Sector Number Slow
15.07.2021 New drivers
21.05.2021 BGA-152 18x12 (smaller)
09.05.2021 Make FAT32 Root
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