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Monolith USB_77   45 4c a8 92   1x1

  SM3259_41 1142_31 Xor 17fe_258 bb
    Order  0
  Software Bad Bytes
    Block  258
    Group  1
  Block Number
    Block Size   0x204000
    Banks        0..7 / 0x000 / 0x0ff
  Serg for forum 11729
  Split by Block 
    Block 0x244800 
    Parts 4 
  Create folder 0,1,2,3 
    Put each dump in the appropriate directory 
    Rename to 01_01.dump 
    Copy FE folder in each folder 
  Each folder can have different SM3259_41 layout
  With different sector size
  For each folder 
    ECC Fix 
    ECC = Off 
    Check that arrow button looks right "->" and have blue color
    Save Image 
  Take 4 created Images
    Join by Page 0x2000 
  File tree is OK 
  90% of files is OK
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20.01.2021 VT can work with NTFS
29.11.2020 Find Saddle
21.07.2020 RR manual updated
10.07.2020 Power adapter in stock
05.05.2020 RR even and odd blocks
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