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Monolith Micro SD_48   2c 2c d3 1c   1x1

  SM 1150_32_32 Xor 17fe_1024 SA
    Order  0/1
  Join by Dump
    Parts  2
  Sector Number Slow
    Sector Size     0x1000
  Serg for forum 12222
  98.5% successful recovery
  Config / Cmd = 05_E0
  Dump read by Jeremy
  WE, RE, Vcc and VccQ are 1.2v
  Only after several attemps he can get correct dump
  Before it have empty and repeated pages in block
  He made his own power adapter
  And play with Voltages
  Used 0.7v low and 1.5v high
  Read more info in case topic

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23.01.2023 Power adapter in stock
18.11.2022 Experiment
21.10.2022 License without support
23.09.2022 The End
11.11.2021 Legs for NR
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