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Monolith Micro SD_36   ec de 98 ce   1x4

  Unknown 44_1144 Xor BN ff_00
    Order  1/0/3/2
  Block Pair
    Block  0x180000
    Page   0x2000
  Join by Dump
    Parts  4
  Sector Number
    Block Size     0x300000
    Sector Size    0x4000
    Sectors        0x300
    Block Numbers  true
  by Bolo
  Perfect recovery
  1) Use layout SM3281 32_1144 for ECC fix and Reread for odd blocks
  2) Use layout Unknown 44_1144 Xor BN ff_00 for ECC fix and Reread for even blo
  3) After fix prepare image - Odd blocks don't have SA and ECC (44b) and got ad
ditional 32b
    Need to remove 32b and copy SA with ECC from even blocks, after this save du
mps and use model
  Notes: dump order can be diffrent
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16.08.2021 Sector Number Slow
15.07.2021 New drivers
21.05.2021 BGA-152 18x12 (smaller)
09.05.2021 Make FAT32 Root
20.01.2021 VT can work with NTFS
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