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Monolith Micro SD_24   ec d7 94 7a   1x4

  SK6617 1080_1076 Xor aaaad4d4_128
    Order  0/1/2/3
  Block Pair
    Block  0x100000
    Page   0x2000
  Join by Page
    Parts  2
    Page   0x4000
  Block Rotate
    Block  0x400000
    Page   0x8000
  Join by Dump
    Parts  2
  Virtual Translator
    Block Size  0x400000
  Serg for forum 11622
  Block Number give bad result
  4 conflicts in each block
  Not Cross Bank
  Block Renum give bad result
  Some pages have wrong numbers
  Block Rotate give 100% good result
Last added
Monolith USB_80   45 de 94 93   1x1 EN2683B BA   ec d7 c5 72   1x4 SM3270Q-AC   2c 84 58 32   1x1 SM3281C   ad 5e 28 22   1x1 Monolith USB_79   ad 5e 28 22   1x1 DM   45 3a a4 93   1x1 AU89102DF   2c c4 18 32   2x1 Monolith USB_78   ad d7 94 da   1x1 SM2234H AC   2c 68 04 4a   4x2 AU89102DF   2c a4 08 32   1x1
20.01.2021 VT can work with NTFS
29.11.2020 Find Saddle
21.07.2020 RR manual updated
10.07.2020 Power adapter in stock
05.05.2020 RR even and odd blocks
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