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AU6998SN   2c 84 64 54   1x1   Ref

  AU6998 1138 Xor 6771_256
    Order  0
  Block Mutate
    Block  0x8ea000
    Cut    0/0x8ea0/0x11d40/0x4750/0x8b00f0/0x8ea0/0x11d40
  Block Cut
    Block  0x7ec000/0x14000
  Block Number
    Block Size   0x7ec000
    Bank Space   0x400
    Banks        00 / 0x000 / 0x3a6
  by Arvika
  refurbished device
  Split by Block 0x8ea000
  Create folder Split_0, Split_1
  Put new dumps in this folders
  Copy FE folder here
  for Split_0 use above model
  for Split_1 change mix steps to:
    Block Mutate
      Block  0x8ea000
      Cut    0/0x8ea0/0x11d40/0xd5f0/0xd5f0/0x8ea0/0x87f080/0x8ea0/0x8ea0/0xd5f0
    Block Cut
      Block  0x7d0000/0x30000
    Block Number
      Block Size   0x7d0000
      Bank Space   0x400
      Banks        00 / 0x000 / 0x3ad
  Save Disk0.image and Disk1.image
  Join by dump Disk0 and Disk1 to Final.image
  Structure ok, check dirs aligned
  RAW scan give ~90% good photos, 2GB movie files was ok
  Little data was broken
  Additional scan on Final.image give more data
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