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Container v7
Mon Oct 06, 2014 19:27
Please, download container v7

Container v6 will not work anymore

Today will be technical works on server
Container may not work time to time
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Technical works on server
Mon Oct 06, 2014 17:15
Container can not work today
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ECC Reread
Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:13
ECC engine changed

New features described here

New procedures:
ECC Combine
ECC Reread

New options
Read Only / Write Back

ECC Cache
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Config format changed
Mon Aug 19, 2013 22:07
Please use NR_256 and FE_371 or later to make them work together
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3 pages same problem
Mon Jul 08, 2013 18:09
I think i fix this problem in NR_249

But need test on different chips
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Tue Jun 18, 2013 19:19
Added several masters to auto menu in mix editor

- IS902
- SM3255
- SM3257

This small programs can try automaticaly find mix and block number parameters
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ECC Speed x8
Mon Jun 03, 2013 0:09
8 GB dump corrected for 24 hours

8 GB dump corrected for 3 hours

Test object
Layout SM3257 1148_27 Xor b36e_256_SA
8 GB dump
With ECC = Check all red
With ECC = On all green

Processor Intel i5, 2.6 GHz with 4 cores
FE Props / Threads = 4

ECC speed highly depends from ECC size (Sector size)
So can have different computing time on different layouts
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ECC Cache
Fri May 17, 2013 19:10

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Important notice
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Tue Apr 30, 2013 15:22
I write this topic that everything was clear between us
When you buy our softwarre and hardware

What you buy when you buy 1 year license
1. Current program version that works forever
2. Right to update your program to new version during 1 year from license activation
3. When 1 year finish new program versions will not work with your key
4. We dont keep old versions

About tech support
Tech support is not in cost of program
But it is free
And it is our good will
We do it to make program up to date
That you buy update each next year and we have money
We dont give support if you dont have active key

About our team
Some times it consist from 5 peoples
Some times it reduce to 1 man
Crack new devices every day is very difficult hard for psychic job
Like blow my head to stone wall day by day
Some times it tires me very much
Some times i do it with pleasure
It can happen that i come to my internal line and send all this to hell
I'm very near it

In this case tech support will be stopped
I leave right for me that i can take some rest to my overworked head when i need it
Even if there is no more support team members on work
Thats why i write this text
That you know it and was free to choose what to do

You pay 1870 for license
For this money i can not work 1 year
For this money i can not pay to my employes, office rent, and taxes 1 year
It is big money for you and small money for me/company
We can exist only if many people pay us every month
If we will receive little money every month, we will be closed

Sometimes before buy FE people ask me in email about future of program and company and prices..

I need say that future is unknown
Because clients of data recovery centers dont want pay many money for flash recovery
On other hand flash recovery is much more complex then hdd recovery

There is only few big companies that produce hdd
And there is alot of companies that produce flash drives
Any student can create his own flash drive - its easy
But hard to find how it works (crack it)

Thats why we have "little" number of hdd models
And huge number of flash drives models

And many new models come to market each year
When i crack 1 device, on market come 2 new
When i crack 2 devices, on market come 4 new

To support all models, i need encrease support team size twice each year
To do it i need increase program cost twice each year

As i understand current cost (1870) is very expensive for most customers

This mean that with time we will support less and less % of flash drives models
Because my crack speed is limited

This can come to situation when nobody will buy FE
Or it come to situation when FE will support only most popular models of controllers
For example SM, Phison..

So future is unknown
And you must know it, before you buy FE

Sometimes people says - i have 3-5 flash cases per year
And ask for discount
This is bad for me

Because this man will never become proffesional user
He will always need my help
This is bad for me

Better use our remote recovery services
Read dumps
We will connect with TeamViewer and recover data
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Keys in profiles
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Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:36
Dear people

Please, set your Flash Extractor keys in your profiles

Password and login to profile is "nospam"
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