Flash Extractor
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Flash Extractor

Flash Extractor software is used for data recovery from flash and SSD drives memory dumps

Every month appear new models of flash devices. Each new device has different internal physical and logical structure. We analyze it and release updates of our software weekly. There is a library of supported models inside of the program. These drives can be easily recovered

But if you have an unknown model, you can try to use built-in controller layouts for manual recovery or ask our tech support for help

Video samples
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IS917   45 3a a5 82   2x2 PS3108-S8-I   98 de 94 93   4x2 PS2251-07-V   ad 3a 18 03   1x2 SM3267L-AC   98 3a 98 a3   2x2 AU6989SNBT-GT-2   89 84 64 3c   2x1 PS2251-07-V   98 3a 94 93   1x2 Monolith SD_18   2c 84 64 3c   2x2 SD_61   2c 64 64 56   2x1 AU6998SN   2c a4 64 32   1x2 AU6989SNHL-G-5   98 de 94 93   1x1
17.03.2018 Adapter BGA-272
22.02.2018 Bad Bytes Editor
18.10.2017 Power adapter
07.10.2016 Conatiner v9
07.09.2016 VT / Auto - new mode
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