Flash Extractor
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Flash Extractor

Flash Extractor software is used for data recovery from flash and SSD drives memory dumps

Every month appear new models of flash devices. Each new device has different internal physical and logical structure. We analyze it and release updates of our software weekly. There is a library of supported models inside of the program. These drives can be easily recovered

But if you have an unknown model, you can try to use built-in controller layouts for manual recovery or ask our tech support for help
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Monolith USB_82   ad de 94 eb   1x1 PS3109-S9-J   98 3a 94 93   4x4 MW8690   45 3c 98 b3   1x1 SM3281L-AB   45 3c 98 b3   1x1 H26M52002EQR   ad de 94 da   1x2 SM2244G AC   ec ae a4 7a   8x2 PS2251-01-L   2c 64 44 4b   16x2 Monolith Micro SD_34   98 3a 98 a3   1x2 KMQNW0006A   ec de a4 32   1x1 SSS6692   89 68 24 4a   1x1
21.05.2021 BGA-152 18x12 (smaller)
09.05.2021 Make FAT32 Root
20.01.2021 VT can work with NTFS
29.11.2020 Find Saddle
21.07.2020 RR manual updated
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